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National and Transnational Cinema

Publié le 23 février 2022 Mis à jour le 23 février 2022

National cinema is a notion more frequently used to describe a body of films produced in countries and areas where their film culture either developed later than others or have been overshadowed by that of another nation state with which they share language and culture.

ln the countries such as USA, France, lndia and Japan which have a long history of filmmaking and their filmic identities are firmly established, attention is scarcely given to the question of national cinema. In contrast, countries like South Korea, Iran and Israel which have been producing only over the recent years a large number of critically acclaimed films, or counties like UK, Belgium, and Latin American countries whose cinema is frequently confused with that of USA, France and Spain respectively, find a stronger reason to search their own national film identities.

National cinema is, however, not an uncontroversial notion, as national identity is from the outset already undermined by linguistic, cultural and ethnie heterogeneity within each country.

This conference will explore over two days this subject.

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Partenaires          co-organized by Waseda University and the Université Libre de Bruxelles
Contact                 Jean-Louis Moortgat : jean-Louis.Moortgat@ulb.be
du 25 février 2022 au 26 février 2022

Join the conference on YouTube Live Stream
> Friday 25th February : https://youtu.be/KdDfsrjuw64
> Saturday 26th February : https://youtu.be/b_OuQJVcSLA