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Séminaire ReSIC du 28 avril animé par Yannik Porsché

Publié le 21 avril 2023 Mis à jour le 21 avril 2023

« Institutionalities of extremism prevention. An ethnographic discourse study of practices of social work and civic education in civilian and military contexts.» sera le thème du prochain séminaire ReSIC animé par Yannik Porsché

The institutional format of social work and civic education classes in extremism prevention entails the promise to counter a rise of different kinds of extremism with targeted interventions. I analyse practices of extremism prevention work by state and non-state actors in civilian and military contexts. Based on audio and video recordings, ethnographic field notes and focus group discussions, the workplace study questions approaches to extremism that reduce the phenomenon to opposing political or religious camps and criticises nominalization that is common in institutional research. The concept of institutionality proves useful to compare how organised practices generate order. On the one hand, the talk shows that institutional actors in extremism prevention share a focus of working on fundamental questions of normative order. On the other hand, disagreements about which institutional practices of extremism prevention are meaningful, legitimate and effective show that extremism prevention is less a united fight against internal enemies than a negotiation about collective self-understanding, about how to classify and shape people, and a struggle for recognition about accepted forms of political conflict resolution and social coexistence

Les séminaires constituent un espace privilégié d’échanges scientifiques du Centre de recherche. Il concerne tous les membres du ReSIC, quels que soient leur statut, leurs objets de recherche ou leurs disciplines respectives, et privilégient les échanges autour de recherches menées par les membres.

Participation en présentiel ou par Teams (lien sur demande à ReSIC@ulb.be).

Le 28 avril 2023

14h à 15h30


salle DC11.210 et sur Teams