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Fran Levstik: Martin Krpan

It's about the first ever graded reader for Slovene as a foreign language in a collection called Slovenščina po korakih. "Martin Krpan" is a story of one of the most known Slovene literary heroes that still today stirs the imagination of Slovene public on many levels.

Adapted by Božič Boštjan , Ključevšek Jernej , Petric Lasnik Ivana, Seitl Petra, Faculty of Arts publishing house, Collection Slovenščina po korakih (Slovene step by step), 2021, Ljubljana.


The story about Martin Krpan, originally written in 1858 by Fran Levstik, the leading name of Slovene literature in the second half of 19th century, is seen today as a synonym of power, freedom, and sovereignty. With great care and a lot of enthusiasm it was made into a grader reader for the speakers of Slovene as a foreign language on level A2+ of CEFR.

The story is taking us to a time when Slovene territory was a part of Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The main character Martin Krpan is the strongest man in the country. He spends his days smuggling salt from Trieste which at that time was strictly prohibited. One day he meets the emperor on the roads and the emperor is struck by his strength. Not so long after the horrible giant Brdavs starts to terrorize Vienna, and no-one can stop him. So, the emperor remembers the strong Slovene and sends for him. Krpan comes to Vienna and wins the battle with Brdavs with ease, but when the time comes for collecting his prize, the plot begins to thicken. 

Take a look into the book and listen to the recorded material: https://centerslo.si/en/books/graded-readers/martin-krpan/ 


Graded readers are books written or adapted for learners of Slovene as a second or foreign language, so they will find them quick and easy to read. Levels are carefully graded to help students choose the right material for their ability. 
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